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PABX Features

Some of the feature you might enjoy is: 

LCR (Least Cost routing) –Making you save on external calls. We can save you anything from 19 to 36%Speed dialling- for the use of emergencies, or most frequent dialled numbersPin Code – Barring staff to make call, or for the use of tracking there calls. Checking usageBarring –Blocking certain personnel to only dial certain areasAdvert on Hold – Playing adverts, specials or music depending on the season, while clients are on holdCordless- For the manager, or floor supervisor which is never at their deskExternal/Internal Page- Can integrate with the Public address System, so announcements can be made from anywhere in the building as long as you are close to a phoneExternal call Forwarding- If they need to transfer the call to somebody off site.CLI (Caller Identity) – See what clients or suppliers is calling you.Group ring – Can make certain extensions ring together. For Call centre purposesRemote Programming support – Technician doesn’t need to come to siteConference callsBattery Back upNight service- Outgoing, or incomingand, many more….

SMS Bundles

We offer SMS Bundles for Bulk and Group SMS 

It’s a web base interface, which means you can access it from anywhere, if you got internet

Sending reminders of outstanding payments, test results or getting their flu vaccinesGetting important information out to Regular Patents.Taking the stress out of calling each individual staff memberSeasonal greetingsYou can also pre-program messages only to be sent at a certain time

PA ( Public Address )

The PA has the capability to be connected to our  PABX, which will make it possible to do an announcement from any phone in the building. This is excellent if you need to get hold of somebody in a hurry. 

The PA has an option to attach a basic radio, but through experience it’s better to go for decent systems that won’t make you want to pull out your hair.


The two options here is a standard 

Am/FM tuner, or

Am/Fm tuner, with CD, USB and SD Card (Giving you freedom again to change the music in the shop depending on the season, specials, or anything you desire.